Price is for one candle holder (candles are not included)

Dimension: (H) 8cm x (W) 9cm x (Dia) 2.2cm 

From a choice of Gold, Silver, Black, or White, these minimalistic beauties are a match made in heaven with our XXL taper candles. Not just a pretty face, they provide the perfect amount of support for our extremely tall candles.

These are custom-made with a deeper base to make sure the XXL candles (and all other candles for that matter) are secure. The base is also lined with a black felt underbelly, alleviating any scratching fears.

Our candles are drip & smoke resistant with a slow, even burn. However, depending on the air ventilation in your room this may cause some drippage and will speed up the burn time. The circular base plate of the holders is designed with the aim to catch any drippage protecting surfaces from wax droplets.

Not only suitable for our XXL taper candles, but these holders are also perfect for laying up the oozing colourful wax of our colour dripping candles. You can prop up your little colour-drip hotties by stuffing the base tube to sit your hottie at the top of the holder, transforming your holder into a work of art. 


Available for hire on request, just pop us an email at hello@hallofflame.store with your desired quantities and special date.