The price is for one candle + flower holder. 

Please note this particular variety of candle + holder is ORNAMENTAL ONLY. Meaning they are not intended to be burned. 

Choose from 40cm or 60cm, these statement tapers are a showstopper in any home, or at any event. 

The Glow in the dark is best charged in UV (the sun) but can be charged via any light source. Once charged, it will glow brightly for approximately 30mins before dimming to an ambient glow for the next 8 hours. 

These items are hand-poured in the Hall of Flame studio in Perth, Western Australia. 

For a gift set of these candles, please see www.sheridantjhung.com

CANDLE CARE & SAFETY: Please read before purchasing.

This candle is for ornamental use only. The wick does not run the whole length of the candle to prevent burning down to the holder.
The flower holder is made strictly for use with the candle provided. The holder is made from a biodegradable plastic that may catch alight if the flame burns below the entrance of the candle holder.