Our coloured 60cm and 46cm taper candles are an exceptional statement for any event space, or even in the home. 

Each candle is wrapped in tissue paper and then boxed to ensure the integrity of each candle and protect the finish. These are elegant, drip resistant, long-burning candles available in 16 hot & sexy colours.  

PLEASE NOTE: Increased air-flow such as a breeze or draft (including air-conditioning) will speed up burn time and can cause minimal drippage.

The approximate burn time for the 60cm candle is 20 hours.

The approximate burn time for the 46cm candle is 15 hours**. 

** The WHITE 46cm taper ONLY is made from a different wax recipe to the rest and has an 11-14 hour burn time. 

Usage & safety tips are provided on each carton.

The base width of each candle is approximately 22 millimetres and should fit most standard candle holders. As these items are handcrafted slight variations can occur.

More colours available upon request.