Please note the price is per candle. 

The 'I'm a cool mum' of the candle world. On the surface, it looks like just a regular candle, but once you light that baby up it's determined to show you why it's not like the other girls. 

Layer by layer, as the candle burns, you'll find yourself guessing which colour comes next. Hours of fun. 

The 24cm candle mysteriously drips 5 colours -  red, blue, yellow, orange and green.
The base diameter of the candle is a standard 2.2cm or 7/8 inches.  

To create a build-up of colourful drip, we recommend burning 3-4 candles per holder.

Perfect for adding a pop of colour at home or for events.

Burn time 2-4 hours. External factors such as draughts or air-conditioning will speed burn time.