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Collection 2 PREORDER | Pre-styled Bundle

$253.50 $228.00
Collection 2 PREORDER | Pre-styled Bundle

Collection 2 PREORDER | Pre-styled Bundle

COLLECTION 2 | 10% off 


Attention 2023 Brides: Our best-selling XXL Wedding Candle bundles are back for pre-order.

Our last drop sold out before they even arrived, so we've made them available to pre-order to avoid disappointing our Spring/Sumer Brides!

3 x 60cm, 6 x 46cm, 4 x 35cm, 3 x 25cm.

We know that planning a wedding can be stressful.
Our team has over 15 years experience in events and styling, so we've created several pre-styled collections to take the guesswork out of styling your tables.  

Collection 2: Our most sought-after collection, just shorter!
Sometimes you just don't need the height. This scaled down version of Collection 1 is perfect for those who prefer things a little smaller!

How many bundles do I need?
Each collection is styled on the industry-standard 2.4 metre-long table. This table length typically sits eight guests (four guests on each side). 

Simply divide the number of people you're seating by eight. (eg. 120 people ÷ 8 = 15 bundles)

PLEASE NOTE: The candle holders are not included in the bundle price. You can purchase our Plated Taper Holders, or hired (minimum 50 holders). Simply contact us via our Hire Page