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Black XXL Tapers

Black XXL Tapers
Black XXL Tapers
Black XXL Tapers
Black XXL Tapers
Black XXL Tapers
Black XXL Tapers

Black XXL Tapers


Pair this with our Plated Candle Holders which was specially designed to perfectly balance and support the height & weight of the XXL Tapers.

The XXL Taper candles are an exceptional statement for an event space, or even in the home. These elegant, drip-resistant, long-burning candles are available in Black & WhiteThey are “drip resistant” under ideal conditions, but as with all candles, a draft or breeze may cause minimal dripping.

The approximate burn time for:

100cm candle is 36 hours.
90cm candle is 26 hours.
76cm candle is 24 hours.
60cm candle is 20 hours.
46cm candle is 11-14 hours.
35cm candle is 13 hours.
25cm candle is 7 hours.

These items are handcrafted and may include some variations as is the nature of hand made products.  

We highly recommend pairing these with our Plated Candle Holders as they are specifically designed to support the height and weight of these unique candles. For maximum security we do not recommend pairing candlers higher than 46cm with our 3D Printed Flower Holders.

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