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What’s good Miley?
Answers to all our frequently asked questions!

Candle 101

This really depends on which hottie (candle) you are talking about but let us break this down for you:

Colour Drip Candles

These hotties are purposely designed to ooze delicious layered coloured wax when burnt, we therefore encourage a breeze, fan or air-con to stimulate more sexy colour drippage. Note, this will increase the burn time of the candle however, trust us it will be well worth it!

XXL Taper Candles (100cm, 90cm, 76cm, 60cm, 46cm, 35cm) & Self-Extinguishing 60cm Taper Candles

These candles are designed to be drip & smoke resistant, with a slow, even burn when burnt in the correct conditions. So what are these conditions:

- Flat, stable surface inside & away from any wind source e.g breeze, air-conditioning vents, fans, open doorways or windows.

- When grouping candles be aware to seperate by at least 5cm apart, as if burnt too closely together can cause candles to drip, collapse or increase their outlined burn time

- We recommend a candle wick of 2mm-4mm. A trimmed wick makes for a clean slow burn.

Celebratory birthday candles (Ultra thins, Metallic & Rainbow Birthday Cake Candles)

The same rules as above apply for these however due to their thinner physique it is impossible for these hotties not to drip so please take caution.

Each hottie when burnt in the ideal conditions as mentioned above (Are the candles dripless?) has differing burn times depending on their height. These guidelines are can be discovered in each product’s description.

Yes, all our range of candles do not produce a scent and are lead free.

Once your hotties arrive and if not burnt straight away, please store them horizontally in a cool, dry place that is free from dust and away from direct sunlight. To keep all our candles looking happy, sexy & healthy we suggest you do not place your candles next to any windows, sources of heat or in direct sunlight.

Our candles are international travellers handcrafted by candle artisans in the United States and China. We also hand-pour our range of glow in the dark hotties in our West Perth studio in Western Australia.

The base diameter for our XXL tapers at the widest diameter is approximately 2.2cm and slightly tapers in at the bottom 3cm of the candle to approximately 1.5cm at the very base.

Any standard taper candle holders will fit them however, we strongly recommend that the candles holders are at least 5-8cm deep, to assist with supporting the height and weight of the candle. Our Plated Candle Holders provide the perfect amount of security and support with their 8cm high bases.

Our candles are a custom blend of paraffin and the best waxes available.

This is a naturally occurring film more prominent on our black range of candles due to the natural candle dyes and waxes. The best cleaning technique is by using your mum’s old stocking/tights (we won't tell her) over your hand carefully & delicately motioning up & down the candle. Alternatively, a soft cloth will do the trick and gently wiping the candles up and down. Please be careful with the amount of force applied during this motion as the candles are delicate & fragile. This will allow your candles to shine shine shine!!


Yes, we sure do! Check out our Wholesale page for more details. We look forward to working together to create & spread some HOT magic!!

Yes, this hire service is available to ABN/NBN holders in the Weddings, Events, Hospitality, Retail and Floral industries. For hire information & costing click here.

Fill in a form on our Contact page & let’s talk business! Let us know your special occasions date and your desired candle height, colour and quantities.

Online Store

Australia Express: 2-5 business days
Australia Standard: 2-14 business days
*Australia Overnight Express : 1-2 business days*
*available on email request
International Express: 5-13 business days
International Standard: 10-15 business days

International Express: 5-13 business days

Please note that these timeframes are all estimates only and can vary due to circumstances beyond our control.

Australian overnight express (1-2 business days) is available upon request for all candle emergencies, email us for a quote at

For more details about Shipping click here.

Absolutely! We offer international shipping costs at checkout now, please do not hesitate to reach out if it is a candle emergency and you require them urgently.

We got chu!

Yes! Once an item is sold out and we have an estimated date of restock we open pre-orders. Preorders can be made directly through the online store following the same process as ordering in-stock items. You will know when an item is on pre-order and its estimated date of dispatch when making a product selection before adding to your cart.

Please Note: Shopping carts that contain both pre-ordered & in-stock items will be shipped altogether once your pre-order is ready for dispatch.

If you'd like your in-stock items ASAP please complete TWO separate checkouts

1. For in-stock items

2. For pre-ordered items.

And the items will be shipped separately.

We are in the office Monday - Friday.

All available stock orders, when placed before 2pm (Western Australia time) we will endeavour to ship out on the same day. There may be some exceptions to this due to public holidays or government enforced restrictions. If you light up our eyes with an order over the weekend or public holidays, it will be shipped out the next available business day.

Yes, absolutely! If you reside in humble little P-town & wish to collect please select Pick Up at checkout. Our office is located in West Perth, once we have wrapped up your hotties & your order is ready for collection we will notify you via email or text message.

Absolutely, please add the product Gift Wrap + Message Card to your cart. We will beautifully wrap up your hotties & handwrite your desired message on a ferg-a-licious card. Please type out your personalised message in the special instructions box at checkout. If you forget just send us an email with your message.

Sadly not yet, however we are always happy to help you select the perfect hottie. Please slide into our Instagram DMs @hall.of.flame.candles whenever, pop an enquire through our contact page or fire up our inbox with an email anytime via

We always endeavour to respond to you ASAP Rocky!

Our current stockists are:

Western Australia - Floral ArmyLa Luna, Oushk

Victoria - La LunaLusso Event Hire + Shop

Queensland - Love-Connection

New Zealand - Roses Florist

*call for availability of specific products before visiting*

 Click here for all you need to know about our Return and Exchange Policy

More Questions?
Slide into our Instagram DMs @hall.of.flame.candles whenever, pop an enquire through our contact page or fire up our inbox with an email anytime via We always endeavour to respond ASAP Rocky!